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ActivityBase is the established industry software platform for screening data management, with feature-rich data analysis tools, built-in object/compound registration tools and the industry standard database.

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Product Summary

ActivityBase supports leading pharmaceutical companies, CROs and academic research institutions in performing high throughput screening (HTS), low throughput screening (LTS) and high content screening (HCS) analysis. A wide range of IDBS partners provide supporting solutions and integrations that leverage the well-established, open data model ActivityBase provides.

Technical Description

ActivityBase provides analysis support for a wide range of biochemical, cellular and biophysical assay formats (including Ion Channel, FLIPR, Kinetic, SPR, Mass Spectrometry assays).

The system integrates into HCS imaging stores (Perkin Elmer Columbus, Thermo Fisher HCS Studio, Molecular Devices MDCStore) for easy import of data and images.

ActivityBase also features built-in compound registration and plate management tools.

With ActivityBase, you can easily track and manage the results from years of assays in one system.

The system can be configured to meet your needs, without having to buy new analysis packs, and, through improvements in your data analysis processes, can even increase your lab analysis tenfold.

ActivityBase enables businesses to capture and manage data, decisions and IP at source for all LTS, HTS and HCS experiments, and provides a historic record of screening results to drive and support your R&D pipeline.

Our wide-ranging partner network provides local language support and supporting software solutions, helping further your return on investment for both ActivityBase and the data managed in it.



Supports registration of any testable samples regardless of type


Supports sample libraries, sample lists and sample mixtures


Supports the definition of any container type dimensions, whether flasks or high density microtiter plates


Supports the standardization of assay protocols, including the data analysis methods employed


Powerful scientific data analysis engine for statistics and non-linear regression analysis


Supports sample, container and result genealogy


Offers scalable deployment options for both small and large organizations


Provides optimized and even automated options for outsourcing and CRO scenarios

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