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Mending the disjointed data landscape in R&D

Despite the talk about the modern digitalized laboratory, many organizations are still relying on legacy R&D software. As a consequence, data is lost, fragmented and siloed. Time is lost. Together, we need to mend the disjointed data landscape of R&D.

Key struggle

A fragmented and complex software landscape is often created by multiple systems (ELN, LIMS etc).

Key struggle

Data is scattered in silos and has to be transferred manually between systems – resulting in a lack of data cohesion and context.

Key struggle

Inefficient software support for processes and workflows lead to the use of multiple paper routines, or at best Excel.

Designing a better system

For over 30 years IDBS has helped R&D organizations achieve faster scientific breakthroughs by providing innovative software focusing on scientific workflows and systems integration to deliver the analysis and insights that streamline operations and accelerate science.

We provide integrated workflows and processes across the business to improve lab efficiency and foster collaboration.

Our platform is seamlessly integrated with your data ecosystem to break down data silos and promote knowledge transfer.

You will benefit from high-quality, contextualized data that speeds up decision-making and provides insights that enable you to optimize processes and remove operational inefficiencies.

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The best-in-class platform for scientific research and innovation

For research and innovation in all industries

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The world’s first BioPharmaceutical Lifecycle Management system

Accelerating Biopharmaceutical development

A complete ecosystem – enabling the lab of the future

We offer a complete ecosystem for your research, innovation and development. An enterprise-wide SaaS cloud platform that is enhanced by on-site installations when needed – to provide one integrated scientific data management system for R&D. We provide our customers with a comprehensive set of tools, adapted to meet the evolving business needs of any market – now and in the future.

IDBS platform eliminates the need for many different disparate lab informatics systems, such as ELN, LIMS, LES and SDMS by providing the rich capabilities of all of these technologies in a single platform.

Everything you and your scientists need – in one place.

A modular platform for science

Our modules are designed to provide your R&D organization, and your scientists, with an intuitive, easy-to-use, and comprehensive set of tools.


Each module integrates seamlessly together with your workflows and instruments to deliver the best user experience and form an enterprise-ready, scientific informatics platform.


Create and manage samples, materials and equipment with your workflow


Plan and coordinate work between teams


Design and execute compliant laboratory workflows and processes


Capture and manage experimental and procedural data with rich context


Integrate systems and equipment


Manage internal and external collaborations


Design, register and develop chemical and biochemical materials

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A connected platform for science

Run your experiment in a lab.
Analyze the data working from home.
Share it and collaborate instantly across the globe.

Our platform securely connects people, instruments, and workflows giving you more time to make breakthrough discoveries.

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Tailor-made informatics platform to fit your research

IDBS E-WorkBook is the world’s best-in-class informatics platform for scientific research and development. It is a flexible R&D software that meets the demands of your particular industry, the needs of the various business units in your organization today, and that can rapidly adapt and scale to meet whatever requirements you may have tomorrow.

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Off-the-shelf solution for biopharma development

Meet IDBS Polar, the world’s first BioPharma Lifecycle Management system (BPLM) that eliminates repetitive manual tasks, allowing you to efficiently execute your processes while curating the data you need to accelerate time to market by tackling the biggest challenges in process design, optimization, scale-up and technology transfer.

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Key benefits

SaaS technology to support collaboration across global networks and internal stakeholders

Flexible yet structured workflows delivering contextualized data

Rich user experience improving user adoption and productivity

Comprehensive APIs simplifies integration to key lab technologies and instruments

Automate data flow and processes to remove bottlenecks, errors and wasted time

Powerful analytical tools for insights, forecasting and reporting

Data stored in most common formats to future-proof your data

Accredited with the highest standards for SaaS, including SOC 2 Type 2

Join our customers on the road to faster innovation


18 of the world’s top 20 pharma companies use IDBS


Reduction in errors in regulated or compliant environments


Additional productivity increase per user


Improvement in speed of decision making

“We are rapidly reducing data handling time for a growing number of routine assays allowing our scientists to spend a higher portion of their time in the laboratory.”

Phil Bland-Ward, Chief Scientific Officer
Crescendo Biologics

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For over 30 years we have worked with world-leading research organizations to deliver best-in-class R&D informatic solutions, giving us unmatched market insight and understanding of unique domain-specific processes.

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IDBS Joins BioPhorum

IDBS, a leading R&D technology and solutions provider and Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform, announced a strategic partnership to integrate Tableau into the IDBS suite of products. The collaboration will be based on embedding Tableau’s visual and analytics capabilities into the IDBS product offerings.

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On the Road to BioPharma 4.0

There was a flurry of activity on social media in June when John Erickson et al. published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering on end-to-end collaboration to transform development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.