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Enabling R&D Innovation in the Cloud

Providing the world’s best cloud-based, research and development data management technology and solutions in a scientific informatics platform.

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Our enterprise electronic laboratory notebook provides the critical data capture and management backbone of The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud. The ELN harmonizes your data management processes protecting your critical intellectual property in a validatable environment.



E-WorkBook Chemistry adds our new chemistry capabilities to The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud, creating a next-generation cloud-based chemistry platform.



E-WorkBook Inventory provides real-time lab inventory management of equipment, materials and results, which are automatically linked to your experimental workflow, providing exceptional levels of traceability and increased efficiency.



E-WorkBook Request enables teams to prioritize, schedule and fulfil complex, multi-step internal and external work requests, ensuring everything is completed on time and in the right order.



E-WorkBook Advance helps scientists manage their structured data capture and modernize operational practices by improving throughput, analytics, traceability and sharing of critical scientific data and insight.



E-WorkBook Biology adds biomolecular drawing, visualisation and searching to The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud, creating a next-generation cloud-based Biology platform.



E-WorkBook Connect enables collaborative working by bringing together scientific task management, research content submission and review, and communication, in a single environment that enables a two-way data flow with The E-WorkBook Cloud platform.



The E-WorkBook Cloud has been designed with extensibility and integration in mind to support the enterprise informatics ecosystem, combining a rich set of APIs with out-of-the-box integration mechanisms.

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At the heart of change, whatever the industry, nearly everyone is under the same pressure to innovate more, produce products faster and improve margins.

At IDBS we understand this more than most.
For more than 25 years we have worked with
world-leading research and development (R&D) organizations across many diverse industries. Explore them here.

Industries we support

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IDBS partners with global pharmaceutical companies, major biotechs, and leading contract research and manufacturing organizations (CRO and CMO), enabling them to collaborate effectively and bring new medicines to market faster.


IDBS works with the world's leading chemical companies supporting their research and development (R&D) efforts across all aspects from synthetic chemistry to polymer, fine chemical, formulations and industrial research.


IDBS helps energy companies stay agile and maximize opportunities to take research ideas from the laboratory to pilot plants and into refinery operations as efficiently as possible.


Game-changing research. From crop protection chemistry to biotechnology, our solutions enable organizations to undertake world class science and transform the way that crops are grown.

Consumer Goods

IDBS helps consumer goods organizations transform ideas into viable products, bring innovations to market and repurpose existing products as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

Food & Beverage

IDBS enables food and beverage companies to rapidly translate the needs of consumers into new or improved products via the expertise of their research and development (R&D) scientists.


IDBS enables biotechs, large and small, to leverage the secure and collaborative, data management environment of The E-WorkBook Cloud platform, freeing up their scientists' time and solving problems faster.

Success Stories

At IDBS, we're proud of what we do and our technology and solutions help leading organizations, and their people, solve some of the world's biggest challenges.

But, don't take our word for it! Customers from many different industries around the globe trust us with their data, their business and their success. Here's what they have to say about how we have helped them.

Our forward-thinking clients

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As a leading, global provider of advanced software and cloud-based solutions, we believe our technology has the power to help forward-thinking organizations, and their people, solve some of the world's biggest challenges. Learn more about how we meet the challenges of scientific and R&D data management and transform organizations worldwide through our blog, success stories, press releases and more.

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IDBS is a leading, global provider of advanced software and cloud-based solutions. With over two decades of experience we have a proven track record of developing and delivering solutions and technology across different industries. Find out more about IDBS, our people, career opportunities, how we work and what we do here.

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At IDBS one of our values is customer success, we are in constant contact with our customers working closely to ensure they are successful with our technology. We're always happy to discuss your needs. Our people come from different backgrounds: science, software, education, solutions, technology and more. What we all have in common is a passion for what we do and the space we work in.

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