Polar BioProcess

IDBS Polar BioProcess optimizes workflows and integrates both process and analytical data to deliver greater insight

Operational benefits
from day 1

Drive efficiency by eliminating manual tasks, improving data integrity, and reducing reporting timelines by up to 80%

Greater insight fuels innovation

Apply knowledge gained throughout development to tackle the biggest challenges in scale-up and technology transfer

Polar Insight for your analytical and reporting needs

With embedded AI/ML and visual analytics, Polar Insight for BioPharma development scientists aligns with digital workflows and seamless data capture from equipment, instruments and systems. End-to-end analysis from data access, reporting, visualization and exploration is available without the need for specialist analytics tools and/or data scientists.

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Be faster to market

Accelerate your biopharmaceutical development into the digital age

3 years earlier to market

Get started with best practice workflows

Drive efficiency, quality, and insight

The journey towards the vision of Biopharma 4.0 starts with improved process understanding and characterization. Accelerate return on investment and reduce implementation risk by digitizing your own workflows, or get started with our best practice workflows and reports that mirror core bioprocess development and sampling activities from cell line development through to analytical development.

Polar BioProcess workflows offer biological inventory management linked to a comprehensive data model, thereby maintaining the genealogy of product development and enabling the inputs and outputs of each unit operation to support the execution of adjacent steps. Capture process data at the point of execution in a consistent and standardized manner and automate calculations to remove the burden and risks associated with manual transcription. The result is better documented process execution and reporting to help you develop more robust, scalable and transferable bioprocesses.

Cell Line Development

Full traceability for the development of optimized mammalian and microbial cell lines

  • Transfection
  • Cloning
  • Clone Screening
  • Cell Freezing
  • Cell Thaw & Revival

80% reduction in time gathering data for reports

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Upstream Processing

Maximize the productivity and scalability of mammalian and microbial cultures

  • Cell Expansion
  • Bioreactor
  • Harvest
  • Cell Lysate Preparation
  • Resuspension & Wash

60-70% time savings in data analysis

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Downstream Processing

Optimize unit operations for effective product recovery and purification

  • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Column Packing
  • Column Unpacking
  • Chromatography
  • Filtration
  • Solubilization & Refold

30% reduction in rework

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Analytical Development

Streamlined support for in-process testing and analytical method development

  • Plate-Based Assay
  • UV-VIS
  • Gel-Based Assay
  • HPLC
  • Free Thiol
  • icIEF
  • qPCR
  • Requester
  • DNA Extraction

Connect analytical data with the process

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Manage reagent recipes and record reagent preparation (media, buffer, etc.) with integrated laboratory equipment connections and inventory management

  • Recipe Creation
  • Reagent Preparation

Eliminate errors such as using expired materials

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Interactive reporting tools for monitoring process data, efficiency and quality provide the process insight required for a continuous improvement-led approach to development. Development and implementation of unit operations is a data rich environment: data that can be leveraged to achieve process understanding, tech transfer and enable efficient scale up.

  • Exception Report
  • Bioreactor Comparison
  • Campaign Report

50% reduction in time to prepare BLA Chapter 3

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Integrate for improved data quality

Polar Integrations powered by DLX™ has an open architecture and universal connector infrastructure that facilitates a bi-directional exchange of digital data with other software systems, instruments and web services. This allows for both online and offline data capture, automating the process of data cleansing, ETL mapping and transformation and ensuring the highest levels of data integrity.

Polar integrations


Integrate for improved data quality with out-of-the-box connectors

  • Chromeleon
  • Empower


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Ready for a ‘fast data’ future?

With data readily available for live consumption within Business Intelligence tools, you will be.

Data volumes are growing year on year so it’s more important than ever to align the data generated throughout development into a single accessible data archive. By standardizing how data is captured within the execution steps and augmenting this with candidate meta data and process data, Polar BioProcess provides the data infrastructure required to develop digital twins and advanced data models.

Maximize the value of development projects by making data-driven strategic decisions. With Polar BioProcess, integration into the next generation of data analytic tools such as AI and ML is easy, providing better process understanding, supporting tech transfer and preparation of BLA documentation.

Transform your bioprocess development

Get started with best practice digital workflows and Polar Insight's inbuilt data science engine for AI/ML-powered analytics and advanced reporting capabilities

Fast deployment
Best practice workflows can be deployed with simple configuration, or partner with us to build your own workflows, analytics and reporting
antibodies and bioanalysis
Designed specifically for bioprocess and analytical development in line with data integrity/ALCOA-Plus principles

Unparalleled insight

biological inventory

Biological inventory management that maintains the genealogy of product development

extensible reporting

AI/ML-powered analytics from Polar's inbuilt data science engine. Extensible reporting with inbuilt reports as standard. Your data models can be used with Polar, or data exported for your own statistical tools.

Quality as standard

gxp operations

Support for both non-GxP and GxP operations

rapid auditing

Rapid auditing with review by exception

IDBS Polar BioAnalysis

ICH M10-compliant consistency, quality, and reproducibility for preclinical pharma.

Polar BioProcess

Optimize workflows and integrate process and analytical data to deliver greater insight.

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