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Our R&D Solutions

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud supports a wide range of applications across the R&D landscape, providing scientists with complete end-to-end R&D workflows, in an enterpriseready scientific informatics software platform.

Our solutions span the fast-growing markets of biologics development, bioanalytical methods and testing, as well as chemical sciences and the broad preclinical area.

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Biologics Development

A compliant, unified environment

The IDBS Bioprocess Solution meets the challenging demands businesses encounter when delivering novel, high-quality therapeutics to patients faster and more cost effectively. Our solution provides a compliant, unified environment across the product and process lifecycle, and delivers configurable workflows based on industry best practices.

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Speed up collaboration

The IDBS Preclinical Solution can be integrated with other lab equipment and systems allowing it to span pharmacology, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, safety, toxicology all the way into formulations and stability. By combining more of your research data together in a single system, you can speed up collaboration and decision making.

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Supporting small & large bioanalysis

The IDBS Bioanalysis Solution is is a study management and method execution platform that combines electronic data capture with structured workflows that drive standard bioanalytical processes, supporting small and large molecule bioanalysis.

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Chemical Sciences

Data capture takes a step forward

Our chemical sciences solution is designed to help with the fundamentals  in chemical sciences, raw material management, recipe and formulations development, analytical testing and cross batch/formulation reporting. Data capture takes a step forward thanks to configurable templates for the structured layout of experiment data.

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Analytical Sciences

Capturing data intelligently

Our analytical sciences solutions ensure that companies, running tests and analytical methods, automate the data collection from instruments and analytical equipment and that is supports GxP practices in regulated areas. Although complex, our solution captures the data intelligently, in a way that doesn’t disrupt analysts’ workflows.

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High Volume Testing

Capture & visualize experiment data

In a single step, scientists can capture and visualize experiment data, apply scientifically rigorous statistical analysis, and store derived results with scientific context. Consistent processing and analysis through standardization, makes it easier to identify hits, retests and leads, and dramatically reduces the time to publish results.

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Lab of the Future

Simplify your data landscape

Built with web and cloud technologies and using comprehensive APIs, our enterprise- ready, scientific informatics platform, simplifies your data landscape and provides you with the critical data and process backbone required to underpin your R&D business strategy, whilst removing the need for many different disparate lab informatics systems.

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