Training & Education Services

Comprehensive training for IDBS users

IDBS offers a comprehensive range of training and education resources designed to deliver knowledge straight to the people who need it most.

We provide courses designed and delivered by experts, based on a consistent, proven training methodology.

We also offer flexibility. You can choose from a range of standard courses, or select and configure modules based on your specific requirements and the advice of our training experts.

Standard Classroom Training

Practical and interactive courses
IDBS has developed comprehensive courses that enable you to progress and develop in a structured training environment. These instructor-led scheduled courses…

Online Classroom Training

Learn fast in web-based virtual classrooms
Online Classroom Training (OCT) presents a web-based virtual classroom where you can participate in real-time interactive training sessions. The OCT sessions last…

Customer Support Portal

Already an IDBS customer or end-user?
Our support portal provides you with the answers and knowledge base you need to use our E-WorkBook suite. You can also submit a support ticket.

IDBS Learning Center

Learn without leaving your desk
The Learning Center is a flexible online training platform that allows you to access a wide range of training solutions to suit your specific learning style. With materials that…

Customized Training

Solutions that match your exact learning requirements
Customized Training offers training solutions that are specific to a customer’s learning requirements. The IDBS Education Services team works with the customer to…

Pick & Mix Training

Build your own training course
You may find that there are parts of the standard classroom training courses that are not directly relevant to you. With IDBS Education Services you have the freedom…

Train the Trainer

Roll out your own training
If you would like to roll out your own training, using your own internal subject matter and product experts, IDBS can help. By providing you with all the material that you need…

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