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3B Pharmaceuticals has become a leading player in the discovery and development of innovative radiopharmaceutical cancer medicines and diagnostics.

Building on its core expertise in peptide drug discovery 3BP has developed a broad product pipeline of which several programs have been successfully licensed out to international pharmaceutical companies. 3BP is using ActivityBase as its central research data repository which is queried via SARview/SARgen.

Key points:

  • 3BP was facing challenges including evolving methodologies, higher throughput and a need for process-driven data management
  • ActivityBase ensured better data access and analysis
  • research productivity, data integrity, and the quality of decision making were improved

The challenge

In a very lean organization 3BP comprises all functions and skills required to move programs from concept to early clinical development. Heterogeneity of assay data and annotation, evolving methodologies, higher throughput and an increasing need for process-driven data management were major challenges that 3BP had been facing throughout its growth process. Moreover, access to data and analysis capabilities had to be broadened from just few experts to all scientists.

The solution

3B Pharmaceuticals had been using ActivityBase since day one, but within just a limited set of projects. After a thorough evaluation of existing systems on the market, it was decided to roll out ActivityBase and SarView to all scientists within the company.

Jan Michel, Director Finance & Corporate Development, 3B Pharmaceuticals, said: “IDBS and its partners well supported 3BP in training new users appropriately. New templates were created to import assay data from additional departments such as analytics and radiochemistry.”

Results and benefits

Having integrated assay results across all research projects and departments, data access and analysis were greatly facilitated. Scientists no longer have to analyze project data residing in various spreadsheets assembled on request by different departments. Instead, queries can now be run across all data available for a given compound.

Jan Michel: “Through the implemented data validation procedures only the most up-to-date information is made available to project leaders to support their decision making. Taken together, the broad ActivityBase roll-out had a great impact on research productivity, data integrity and the quality of decision making.”

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