Best-in-class platform for scientific research and discovery

IDBS E-WorkBook is the world’s best-in-class informatics platform for scientific research and discovery. Its flexibility can meet the demands of your industry and those of various business units in your organization today, and can rapidly adapt and scale to meet whatever requirements you may have tomorrow.

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Time to leave the legacy point-solutions behind

ELN, LIMS and other legacy software have played an important role in many research projects but their limitations hamper data visibility, obstructs collaboration which hinders further innovations and progress.

Combining the very best functionalities of lab-based informatics E-WorkBook goes beyond traditional lab management software, providing cutting-edge data capture and analysis tools, job requesting and management and inventory management.

Unified and contextualized data across applications and instruments

E-WorkBook captures all the information scientists generate and stores it in the cloud. Any system or database used in a lab can be seamlessly ‘plugged in’ or integrated. It gives scientists a common view of data across disparate research areas, enabling complete visibility of research information.

Any type of data

E-WorkBook stores, searches and links together any data type and format: plain text, images, sketches, scanned documents, Microsoft Office® documents, spreadsheets or presentations, alongside chemical and biological structures. 

Standardization to promote collaboration and cross-learning

E-WorkBook standardizes data into common formats for easier sharing. It enables easy access to data for decision making and business analysis tasks.


are using paper or Excel at some point to manage process data


rework as consequence of manual processes

Less time on admin - More time for research!

E-WorkBook gives scientists more time for research by reducing the administrative burden associated with report generation. 


The superior auditing capabilities of E-WorkBook makes tracking experimental task history, QA and QC straightforward. Chronological, legible, and fully audit trailed records show all of the tasks conducted in a laboratory, together with the ability to see when, where, by whom and under what conditions an experiment was conducted.

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Platform to unify, centralize and standardize your R&D data


Secure environment that accepts data input from any source


Cloud technology for access to contextualized data irrespective of location


A scalable and modular platform that grows with you


Intuitive and easy to use for high adoption rate


Adhere to 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP requirements


Time-saving and efficient experiment report-writing tool


Powerful and versatile search engine


Painless implementation of SOP, QA, and QC procedures

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A modular, flexible R&D platform

E-WorkBook consists of modules designed to provide your R&D organization with an intuitive, easy-to-use, and comprehensive set of tools, that come seamlessly together to form an enterprise-ready, scientific informatics platform. Everything you and your scientists need – in one place.


E-WorkBook ELN is our core informatics platform for research and innovation. It’s flexible. It’s configurable. It’s secure.


E-WorkBook Advance helps scientists manage their structured data capture and modernize operational practices by improving throughput, analytics, traceability and sharing of critical scientific data and insight.


E-WorkBook Chemistry adds our new chemistry capabilities to The IDBS E-WorkBook, creating a next-generation cloud-based chemistry platform.


E-WorkBook Inventory adds seamless management of all of your laboratory inventory into the IDBS E-WorkBook. The Inventory module lets you record your lab equipment, materials, and samples, and manage the locations they are stored in.


The E-WorkBook has been designed with extensibility and integration in mind to support the enterprise informatics ecosystem, combining a rich set of APIs with out-of-the-box integration mechanisms.


E-WorkBook Request enables teams to prioritize, schedule and fulfil complex, multi-step internal and external work requests, ensuring everything is completed on time and in the right order.

E-WorkBook for Collaboration

E-WorkBook enables collaborative working by bringing together scientific task management, research content submission and review, and communication, in a single environment.

The IDBS E-WorkBook is different from other systems available on the market in that it is not a set of ELN features or a defined, rigid LIMS. It is a comprehensive data management and workflow solution, designed for scientists and researchers with powerful capabilities and the flexibility to meet the unique, innovative demands of R&D organizations, which can grow with their demands as they grow in complexity.

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End-to-end solutions for any industries

Whatever the industry, when it comes to research and development (R&D), everyone is under the same pressure to innovate more, produce products faster and improve margins.

Discover how IDBS has for more than 30 years worked with world-leading research and development organizations to deliver industry-leading solutions.

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Technical Information

  • Supports Microsoft Office and common image formats using simple drag-and-drop
  • Easy-to-use tagging and commenting features that encourage collaboration
  • Search both unstructured and structured content
  • User-configurable project and personal dashboards to follow people, projects, research topics and user comments
  • Highly flexible security model and hierarchy provides the flexibility to manage many different scenarios that traditional ELNs cannot handle due to their rigidity
  • Can be used in regulated environments where 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP requirements need to be met
  • Integrate with other systems to provide true automation and remove transcription errors
  • Full GxP support with version control, auditing and multistep digital signature workflows
  • Dynamic landing pages bring relevant data and information to the fore removing the need to hunt for information
  • Digital signature capabilities are built in and there is support for common authentication platforms.

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