Game-changing research: from greenhouse to laboratory. With more than seven billion and rising, feeding the planet’s fast-growing population depends on cutting-edge research into more efficient, sustainable production techniques.

IDBS helps some of the biggest agricultural businesses meet this challenge. From crop protection chemistry to plant breeding and biotechnology, our solutions enable organizations to transform the way that crops are grown around the world.

What we do

Simplifying scientific data capture, management and reporting lies at the heart of what IDBS helps agricultural technology companies achieve. By moving all research and development (R&D) paper-based documentation to digital storage, scientific information becomes accessible, searchable, and re-usable.

Higher quality and more accessible data leads to deeper insights. Agriculture businesses can now combine chemical and biological expertise and harness their knowledge of science to develop game-changing agricultural technologies that meet the needs of populations worldwide.

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Key benefits

We help organizations drive innovative research and development by making contextually rich, scientifically aware data instantly available to all collaborating teams.

Our solutions ensure you can manage intellectual property (IP) and corporate information more effectively by securing historical data digitally and removing the paper legacy.

Improve the research performance of all scientists by removing redundant processes and manual transcription and enhance information sharing, re-use, and overall productivity within a proven secure enterprise scientific data management platform.

Key benefit

Harmonize product information by retrieving and combining data from different sources

Key benefit

Improve compliance using structured templates, document versioning and enhanced audit trails

Key benefit

Accelerate product innovation by managing all product R&D information with a single enterprise-ready platform

Key benefit

Reduce the time to execute, analyze and report results

Key benefit

Improved compliance support through greater traceability

Key benefit

Web and cloud enabled allowing scientists to work from the lab or the field on any device

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