Food and Beverage

Success in the food and beverage industry? With the race to satisfy consumer expectations moving faster than ever, innovation is just one part of the story. Speed to market is critical when trying to stay ahead in a highly competitive global marketplace.

IDBS enables food and beverage companies to rapidly translate the needs of consumers into new or improved products via the expertise of their research and development (R&D) scientists.

What we do

Improved knowledge sharing and collaboration accelerates research.

With IDBS, organizations can expedite the development of new ingredients, recipes, nutrition, and packaging while assuring intellectual property (IP) is secured – all through improved data management.

By simplifying the re-use of R&D knowledge and enabling rapid comparisons during the development process, organizations can drive continuous improvement initiatives through our single, easy to use platform.

Our platform addresses the sophisticated data handling, traceability and monitoring needs which are required throughout the research and development process – while also helping organizations move to a paperless research process, with flexible recipe management capabilities.

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Key benefits

By using The IDBS E-WorkBook, you can automate structured data capture leading to reduced human error, facilitate data exchange with third party systems (PLMs, LIMS), document the iterative development of the recipe and meet FDA data retrieval guidelines, all leading to increased safety, responsibility and visibility.

The IDBS E-WorkBook’s capabilities can be leveraged across new product development, analytical, sensory, QC, package research and other business areas, leading to streamlined collaboration, a single source of truth, and a means for increased searchability across the product lifecycle.

Key benefit

Accurately capture and interpret data from the iterative development and associate it with a new ingredient

Key benefit

Leverage historical formulations and recipe data

Key benefit

Accelerate product innovation by managing all product R&D information with a single enterprise-ready platform

Key benefit

Secure IP assets and capitalize on new discoveries

Key benefit

Improve internal and external collaboration by capturing, sharing, and re-using key R&D knowledge

Key benefit

Improve data quality and reporting by replacing paper-based processes

Key benefit

Harmonize product information by retrieving and combining product information from different sources

Key benefit

Support traceability and assure compliance with essential food safety regulation and standards

Key benefit

Facilitate the establishment of a framework that involves multiple layers of protection, authentication, and documentation

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