Meet the 3 Pillars of Polar

Jeff Tishler, IDBS
Ajaz Rosul, IDBS
Michael Barnes, IDBS

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About the Session:

This session highlights the key functionalities of Polar, the world’s first BPLM (BioPharma Lifecycle Management) platform. We focus on the three pillars of Polar – workflows, integrations and insights. The product demo includes Polar Bioprocess, Polar Bioanalysis and Polar HTPD. This session provides a product showcase to support the product descriptions, values and messages provided in other sessions of i3.

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Jeff Tishler

Jeff Tishler joined IDBS in 2001 and is based in Southern California. His focus at IDBS is spread across Polar, E-WorkBook, and ActivityBase. Jeff has a background in analytical chemistry and laboratory automation. Prior to IDBS, Jeff worked at Ciba-Geigy (Novartis) and Zymark (PerkinElmer).

Ajaz Rosul

Ajaz Rosul joined IDBS in 2021 and is based in Manchester, UK. His primary focus at IDBS is Polar Bioanalysis. Ajaz has a background in bioanalysis as a Research Scientist and LIMS from the vendor side. Prior to IDBS, Ajaz worked at companies including Thermo Fisher Scientific and Abbott Informatics.

Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes joined IDBS in 2021 and is based in Florida. His primary focus at IDBS is Polar Bioprocess and Polar HTPD. Michael has a background in molecular biology and prior to joining IDBS, he worked within Pfizer’s BioProcess R&D Group, specifically Cell Line Development.