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How Customer Ideas Drive IDBS’ Product Development Priorities - IDBS Ideas Portal

Stuart Ward,
Director of Platform and Solutions, IDBS

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About the Session:

One of IDBS’ and Danaher’s core values is: Customers Talk, We Listen! IDBS launched its Ideas Portal in 2021 as part of an initiative to obtain customer feedback on the Ideas that are going to provide the most value and provide greater visibility on Idea / Enhancement progression into IDBS products. In this presentation we will cover:

  • An update on IDBS’ Ideas Portal following its launch 12 months ago.
  • How Ideas make it into IDBS’ roadmap and products.
  • Which Ideas have been delivered in IDBS products?
  • Delivering Ideas during i3!

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Stuart Ward

Stuart is Director of Platform and Solutions and responsible for ensuring that IDBS products meet the needs of customers. He has grown the IDBS Platform team, which includes Product Owners, User Experience Designers and Technical Authors, so that it can provide the necessary business and domain experience required to create software and solutions to enable BioPharma and other industries achieve faster scientific breakthroughs. In addition, he led the creation and launch of The E-WorkBook GxP Cloud, which was IDBS’ first  SaaS product for use in regulated (21 CFR Part11, GxP) environments.

Before starting this role in January 2014, he was Product Manager for E-WorkBook for four years and worked in IDBS Global Professional Services for five years, responsible for deploying IDBS’ products both from a technical and project management perspective. Prior to working at IDBS, Stuart completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at the NIH and then worked for Ionix Pharmaceuticals. Stuart obtained his PhD in Pharmacology from the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (University of London).