Your Journey to the Cloud

Chris Ovett, SaaS Cloud Product Manager, IDBS
Bharat Swain, Technical Project Manager, GPS, IDBS
Angus Tosh, SRE Manager, IDBS
Arnaud Muzaton, SRE Manager, IDBS

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About the Session:

Struggling with the tools to make the shift to the cloud? In this session, learn from the IDBS experts how the cloud-ready organization can leap ahead on their journey to the cloud. The team will cover the benefits, the experience, and the reality of what a cloud-first system can bring to your organization.

A particular focus will be the IDBS Cloud with a view on some rationale for moving to the cloud along with the practices IDBS uses in providing Cloud services that pivot customers will experience as part of their migration from their on-premises environments. Use this time to understand how a pivot to the cloud will benefit your organization and ask the tough questions.

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Chris Ovett

Chris Ovett is the Senior Product Manager for the IDBS Cloud Platform. He is accountable for defining IDBS strategy and executing the roadmap for the  underpinning technology and process that enables teams across IDBS to deliver novel products and solutions to our customers. A versatile leader with over twenty years of experience in Product, Solution Architecture, Engineering and Services who places customers at the core, leading them through all stages of their digital journey.