Press release | 1 March 2023

IDBS and SciBite bring enterprise ontologies and scientific data management together through a new partnership to unlock value from data through improved interoperability

Woking, UK  — March 1, 2023

IDBS, a leading provider of life science informatics and process data management solutions, and SciBite, an award-winning provider of semantic analytics technologies, today announce a new partnership to shift the way research data platforms approach FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data.

SciBite is leading the way in supporting the transition from an “application-centric” to a “data-centric” approach to FAIR. This means an alignment of data to enterprise-wide ontologies rather than application-specific standards. Through this partnership, IDBS and SciBite aim to empower customers to achieve “data-centric” FAIR, aligning data to a set of centralized standards, improving interoperability and unlocking untapped value in our customers’ data.

SciBite’s ontology management platform CENtree is already adopted by many leading pharma and biotechnology companies and provides a centralized, enterprise-ready resource for ontology management that transforms the experience of maintaining and releasing ontologies for research-led businesses.

IDBS specializes in capturing, managing and analyzing data during product development and manufacturing. The new SciBite connector links CENtree ontologies into the IDBS Catalog (ontology manager) for use in IDBS Polar and E-WorkBook cloud-native workflows, and synchronizing terminology with the rest of the organization. This ensures that customers benefit from higher data interoperability and more consistent master data management (MDM). SciBite and IDBS mutual customers with compatible technology will be able to immediately benefit from this connector to:

  • Seamlessly merge industry standards and public ontologies with proprietary terminology
  • Control democratization of development and maintenance of terminology to support end users through the governance framework that CENtree provides
  • Harmonize data within the IDBS platform with data across the enterprise being managed in other tools, providing a unified view of the data.

“Our partnership with IDBS will unlock previously untapped value and new use cases for our mutual customers. Enabling customers to deploy ontologies, public or proprietary, across the enterprise is key to data findability and interoperability,” said Julien Debeauvais, Vice President, Sales and Alliances at SciBite.

“Loss of insight from generated data and time spent manually wrangling data to create associations between terms, simply because a “truck” is not always called a truck but sometimes a van or a lorry, is a key challenge in the industry. This connector is the first step in our partnership with SciBite to empower customers to unlock value from their data to accelerate scientific discovery and development,” said Christian Marcazzo, Vice President and General Manager at IDBS.

About IDBS

IDBS helps BioPharmaceutical organizations accelerate the discovery, development and manufacturing of the next generation of life-changing therapies that advance human health worldwide. From lab through manufacturing, IDBS leverages its 30+ years of experience working with a diverse list of customers – including 18 of the top 20 global BioPharma companies – and deep expertise in scientific informatics and process data management to tackle today’s most complex challenges.

Known for its signature IDBS E-WorkBook product, IDBS has extended solutions across the entire value chain for BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM). Built on analytics-centric and cloud-native technology, IDBS Polar and Skyland PIMS platforms are powered by a digital data backbone to drive faster and smarter decisions in drug development and across the supply chain.

About SciBite

Our data-first, award-winning semantic analytics software is for those who want to innovate and get more from their data. Built by scientists for scientists, we believe data fuels discovery and continue to push boundaries with our cutting-edge technology applications and people-first solutions that unlock the complexities of scientific content.

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