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IDBS Blog | 21st March 2019

Join Us at WRIB This April

Are you involved in, or researching, novel bioanalytical solutions and innovations in drug discovery and development?

Then WRIB is the place to be this April.

Built on the success of the previous annual meetings, the 13th WRIB offers discussions on trending topics in bioanalysis, biomarkers and immunogenicity and we are delighted to be a gold sponsor at booth #55.

Participating parties include representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, CROs, and relevant regulatory agencies from across the globe exploring better compliance to regulations, high quality, and scientific excellence. In addition to the experts at our booth, our Commercial Director of Preclinical Pharma, Graeme Dennis, will be there.

Graeme has 20 years’ experience in scientific informatics implementation across North America, Europe, and Asia. As the Commercial Director of Preclinical Pharma at IDBS, he helps scientists understand how they can get the most out of the research and development platform IDBS offers to meet their business needs. Watch his expert interview on the challenges in the bioanalysis industry here.

Special interest workshops

At WRIB you can join workshops that match your specific interests and training sessions to maximize your learning. Among the subjects discussed, will be advancements in small molecule mass spectrometry, regulator’s perspectives on new industry guidelines, and bioanalytical developments in cell-based assays/flow cytometry.

In addition to the workshops, all-day training courses will run throughout the week for all levels of expertise, concentrating on:

  • insights into Biomarkers Assays Validation and other recent regulatory documents
  • current strategies and bioanalytical troubleshooting of critical reagents issues
  • mass spectrometric method development strategies
  • issues in statistical evaluation
  • challenges in gene therapy


Following new solutions in drug discovery and innovations in method development, participating regulators will go through four recently released guidance documents pertinent to the bioanalysis industry:

  • 2019 Draft ICH M10 BMV Guideline
  • 2019 Final FDA Immunogenicity Guidance
  • 2018 Draft FDA Biomarker Qualification Guidance
  • 2018 Final FDA BMV Guidance


IDBS is Gold sponsor this year at booth #55

Each year we look forward to the opportunity to catch up with our friends among the bioanalytical community at WRIB.

The meeting is always very informative, with active participation from global regulatory agencies. At IDBS, we tend to enjoy the highly interactive and thought-provoking Q&A dialogs and panel discussions, as well as the focus on practical content and hot topics related to bioanalytical research and development.

The event runs from April 1st to 5th in New Orleans – see you there!

To read the major changes in the 2018 Final FDA BMV Guidance and its implications and impact for the bioanalysis industry, please read our expert’s analysis from a scientist’s point of view here.

If you’d like to find out more about how software can help you maintain compliance with these new regulatory guidelines, please get in touch here.

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