Press release | 25th January 2017

Precision BioSciences Goes Paperless to Progress Innovation Using IDBS E-WorkBook

Boston, US, Durham, US & London, UK, January 25, 2017 – Precision BioSciences, a genome editing company based in Durham, North Carolina, has implemented IDBS E-WorkBook to improve its data capture and streamline innovation in cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy and food science. Deploying E-WorkBook across its three businesses will improve Precision BioSciences’ knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Paul Denny-Gouldson, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at IDBS, said: “Precision BioSciences does amazing work in advancing research to overcome cancers and genetic diseases, along with supporting the development of sustainable food sources. Our E-WorkBook solution will greatly help these causes – allowing scientists to focus on innovation, not admin.”

After evaluating a number of potential solutions, Precision BioSciences identified IDBS as the best software provider to smooth the conversion from a paper-based laboratory to an electronic laboratory.

Janel Lape, Senior Laboratory Manager at Precision BioSciences, said: “We were looking for a system that specifically helped with the transition between paper-based data recording and electronic. Other companies had products that may have worked well for people who are just entering into an electronic laboratory notebook environment and haven’t previously used paper, but that doesn’t work so well for environments with a long history of using paper notebooks.

“We were also looking for a system that could bring all the different departments together easily and run searches based on a project or particular ARCUS genome editing enzymes that we are working on.”

Since its establishment in 2006, Precision BioSciences has generated more than 150 paper notebooks and around 28,800 pages of data. Previously, these were scanned and archived – restricting the ability to search and share the information contained within them. Using E-WorkBook will help organize and capture all this vital intellectual property, and make it available across the organization.

Lape added: “Data was spread across different servers and only certain people who have been here from the beginning were able to find what they needed. E-WorkBook will allow us to implement processes where past experiments and information can easily be recalled on demand.

“One of the drivers for Precision BioSciences to adopt the IDBS ELN was the need to make the data captured by scientists clearer and easier to search.  If we needed data we would either have to find a file on our server, or refer to notebooks and try to interpret scientists’ handwriting – we realised that this was a severe limitation on our R&D and the company as a whole.”

Precision BioSciences looked at four companies offering ELNs but selected the IDBS E-WorkBook solution for its good practice capabilities and wide range of features, along with its ability to smoothly scale as the company grows.

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