IDBS Blog | 3rd October 2016

Chemistry in E-WorkBook v10.1.3

It’s been a busy summer and our development team have been working hard to build upon the E-WorkBook chemistry notebook capabilities, provided in the 10.1.2 release. We will be writing more about these features in coming blog posts, but briefly speaking, 10.1.3 offers the following new functionality:

  • You can record multiple additions of a reaction component, which are individually referenceable in the procedure write-up section
  • Support for resin loading and concentration quantifiers have been added
  • You can now define components in their salt and solvate forms and take that into account during the calculations
  • An information button allows you to view compound information retrieved by the lookup of a molecule from a chemical data source
  • The system now calculates solvent concentrations
  • You can define a list of standard text phrases for use in procedure write-ups
  • You can create a list of samples to be sent for analysis
  • Fields from the stoichiometry item are automatically populated into the compound registration form to reduce transcription of data

We’re very proud of what we have achieved, and having regular communication with bench chemists and other chemistry stakeholders helps to ensure that what we deliver is suited to the workflows of the end user.

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