The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud named Cloud Product of the Year

In May 2017, The E-WorkBook Cloud was named Cloud Product of the Year at the National Technology Awards in London.

It’s a pretty big milestone for us, and it’s one we’re delighted we’ve passed so early on in The E-WorkBook Cloud’s journey (especially when you consider it was only launched in January)!

So, it may be award winning, but what is it?

Simple! The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is a complete end-to-end, cloud-based, research and development platform that supports all your internal, external and hybrid data management and research needs. Built using our existing web-based ELN as the backbone, The E-WorkBook Cloud platform has been designed to behave, look and feel like a single, seamless application. This provides a superior user experience and eliminates the need to maintain complex integrations between systems from different vendors, allowing users to drastically simplify the deployment process.

What does your E-WorkBook Cloud look like?

The E-WorkBook Cloud features eight intuitive modules, allowing you to add new functionality as and when you need it. The end result? Our cloud platform can grow organically with you and your business, removing the need for costly on-premise installations and large infrastructure overheads – and the modules you add create an environment tailored to fit your organization. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ with The E-WorkBook Cloud.

Because it’s cloud based, you can also access new features as and when they are available – take our Request module for instance. We only added it to The E-WorkBook Cloud last recently, but customers are already able to access the functionality. Here’s the full module family:

Meet our modules


The world’s most successful enterprise electronic lab notebook provides the critical data capture and management backbone of the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud.


Our cutting-edge spreadsheet technology, which helps scientists manage their structured data capture and modernize operational practices, turning our ELN into a data processing workhorse.


Our laboratory inventory management module helps you record your lab equipment, materials and samples, and manage the locations where they’re stored.


Our work request management module, which enables teams to prioritize, schedule and fulfil complex, multi-step internal and external work requests, ensuring everything is completed on time and in the right order.


Our advanced framework for out-of-the-box system integrations, providing a clear set of integration points and APIs.


Our industry-leading biologics functionality adding biomolecular drawing, visualisation and searching to the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud.


Our secure environment for collaborative working, bringing together scientific task management, research content submission and review, and communication, in a single environment.


Our next-generation chemistry platform, which has been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading R&D organizations.

It’s always nice to get industry recognition, especially against such strong competition too, so being named Cloud Product of the Year is a huge honor. But don’t worry, we won’t be resting on our laurels. The E-WorkBook Cloud is only seven months old, so there’s plenty more to come. Watch this space – and stay tuned on our blog, Twitter and LinkedIn for more news on features, updates and modules!

You can read more about The E-WorkBook Cloud winning at the National Technology Awards here.

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