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CRO and Outsourcing


Software to connect CRO activity with local projects and workflows

This is where technology can offer support. In fact, a major trend in R&D is using technology to advance drug development by obtaining data and analyzing it to conduct virtual trials using data from real-world settings.

Technology has played a big part in automating these processes in the past and now CROs are using software to manage their data and workflows as well. Choosing and implementing a piece of technology can be a challenge on its own, but the key is flexibility.

The right technology can be a big investment, as in the current landscape, therapies are complex and the necessity for connectivity and remaining in compliance with regulations is mounting. Customization and adaptability are vital just to keep up.

New and innovative technology ticks all the boxes – from speeding up processing with automation and expertly designed platforms, to managing the data generated to produce reports for manufacturing processes.

A solution tailored to your business needs can drive innovation

The IDBS Preclinical Solution is a scientific method execution platform. It enables both structured and unstructured electronic data capture and management, high-performance analytical tools, and integrated workflows to reduce development time and costs. With this data, our solution can also help design protocols and increase the number of studies, leveraging the latest technology to create these efficiencies without compromising on quality or functionality.

Externalization requires the highest standard in regulatory compliance, which normally can take weeks to ensure guidelines are being followed. These regulations are built into our solution, helping both CROs and sponsors in the biopharma and pharma industry to comply with guidelines and practice GxP.

Whether you are a global pharma company, a biotechnology start-up, or a CRO, our solution is based on industry best practices. It can be customized to your business requirements to enable you to get more capacity out of existing processes, therefore removing the need for new equipment and additional staff to meet the rising expectations.

The result is a streamlined and interconnected workflow that reduces reporting cycles, tracks relevant information from sample preparation to analytical runs in real time, and eases the QC burden.

Moreover, the IDBS Preclinical Solution facilitates collaboration between different components in the process and different parties. So, those companies that either outsource their workflows locally, or work with international CROs, can connect and share information securely and effortlessly.

The combination of sophisticated software with expert knowledge of the industry ensures our solution is adaptable, scalable, and makes daily workflows efficient – saving you both time and resources to gain a competitive edge in today’s busy R&D world.

To discover more about how the IDBS Preclinical Solution can help you to collaborate with your partners on projects, please connect with our experts here.

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