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Move beyond LIMS with software built for the cloud

Move beyond LIMS with software built for the cloud

Avoiding single, disparate solutions

Unlike a LIMS, workflows created in E-WorkBook enable users, with the correct permissions, to make changes, without the need to engage IT. In fact, with The E-WorkBook Cloud, companies are finding that they no longer require a LIMS, ELN, SDMS or an LES, with an overall reduction IT overhead as well.Should you decide that you need one of these systems on its own, it is important they communicate with your other systems. Picking a single solution without this in mind will leave you without the ability to realize the lab of the future.

Perhaps your lab is currently invested in legacy LIMS. The E-WorkBook Cloud’s spreadsheet technology allows integration of E-WorkBook to industry standard LIMS vendors so that test results, sample information, equipment calibration records, or inventory expiry dates stored in the LIMS can be queried from the LIMS and displayed in The E-WorkBook Cloud that supports the test.

Additionally, The E-WorkBook Cloud’s extensive library of plugins supports bi-directional communication with different LIMS, LES and SDMS vendors.

Adding context and value to your data

Both routine and exploratory workflows and projects can be supported by the E-WorkBook architecture. E-WorkBook enables users to capture context with their information, regardless of the format that context may be in; image, text and numeric data can all be attributed to a specific sample all of which remains searchable via the E-WorkBook interface.

Make the most of your existing laboratory software

E-WorkBook is designed to complement your existing laboratory technology.

The platform architecture presents multiple integration points. These can be accessed by legacy LIMS, and also by other data repositories and data providing instruments. Direct import of data into the E-WorkBook environment dramatically reduces both time and transcription errors. Incorporating a powerful statistical engine, E-WorkBook also allows in situ data analysis and reporting directly from laboratory instruments.

Enhanced querying and reporting

Queries can be performed across multiple data sources, including LIMS, document stores, image archives and even corporate warehouses. Furthermore, reports can either be free-form or predefined. This allows rapid and consistent report creation. Reports may be stored as searchable data, regardless of where they originated.

Information sharing and decision support

Comprehensive task flow tools allow different groups and departments to share information in a secure way. Workflows and SOPs can be deployed to end users to ensure quality and consistency.

E-WorkBook is a GxP and 21 CFR part 11-ready application, which includes complete audit trails, version history as well as supporting electronic signature for secure and accountable sign off.

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