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Lab of the Future

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is the culmination of years of development into a truly enterprise-ready R&D platform.

Built with web and cloud technologies and using comprehensive APIs, it removes the need for many different disparate lab informatics systems, such as ELNs, LIMs, LES and SDMS by providing the rich capabilities of all of these technologies in a single interoperable platform. By working with our services teams, we can quickly and easily get you on the journey to your lab of the future.


Our offering

No single vendor can provide you with the lab of the future. When choosing a vendor, picking one that is thinking about, and actively investing in, new technologies will make you more successful on your journey.

It is important to remember that technology is always changing – you need to pick a vendor that is willing to go on the journey with you, one that doesn’t ask you to start over with new technology at every turn and one that provides the integration capabilities required.

Our integrated informatics platform, which can be delivered via the cloud or on premise, can simplify the overall data landscape and provide you with the critical data and process backbone required to underpin your strategy.

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Bringing you the Lab of the Future

We provide fully integrated modules that go beyond the basic integrations found today. With continued investments into new technologies, such as speech, location services, machine learning and device integration/automation, we can provide a seamless interoperable experience, removing the need for disparate, siloed tools.

Our solution consulting services can help identify and optimize issues in your processes, while our migration services teams can help you move seamlessly from old legacy technologies into new, modern ones.


  • Comprehensive APIs allow for rich user experiences using modern tools, such as location awareness and speech recognition
  • Integration with a varied partner ecosystem provides out-of-the-box integrations with other common lab technologies and tools
  • Automate data flow and processes to remove bottlenecks, errors and wasted time
  • Support for virtualized teams working with rich collaboration technologies
  • Provide tailored user experiences, improving user adoption and productivity
  • Storage in common data formats allows for future technology such as AI and MLT to be applied
  • Web and cloud enabled allows access from different device types and locations