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High Volume Screening & Testing Solutions

In a single step, scientists can capture and visualize experiment data, apply scientifically rigorous statistical analysis, and store derived results with scientific context. Consistent processing and analysis through standardization dramatically reduces the time to publish results and maximizes its value.

ActivityBase provides all the major functionality you need in one application suite, meaning there is no need to purchase additional products if you want to do more.


Our offering

ActivityBase provides the gold standard in high volume testing. Its combination of the industry standard database for storing structured high volume data, integrated analysis and reporting capabilities has provided the backbone of early stage research for many years.

IDBS’ approach to the management of test results captured during scientific experimentation recognizes that specialist testing requires specialist tools. For over a decade in the high throughput screening domain, where many thousands of molecular entities are tested on hundreds of plates, ActivityBase has provided the necessary data management methods, calculations, visualizations and data storage to guarantee testing quality – making it easier to identify hits, retests and leads.

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Key benefits

Research teams can further optimize data processing using online automation to analyze live data streams, enabling the earlier identification of issues, meaning businesses can save valuable resources.

Colleagues can view experiment outcomes immediately and apply objectivity to data quality related analysis. This, in turn, supports informed decisions and helps accelerate progression through the assay cascade with traceability from sample registration through to final report.


  • Reduce the time and resources to analyze data using rigorous statistical analysis
  • Enforce data integrity and quality by standardizing the entire analysis process
  • Optimize laboratory processes through software automation
  • Accelerate the assay cascade using standardized repeatable analysis workflows
  • Integrate with upstream and downstream applications seamlessly
  • Demonstrate credibility as a contract research organization (CRO)