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Analytical Development


A solution to boost productivity through expert data management

Our workflows systematically capture process parameters, equipment and material details, instrument data, and cell line information while providing automatic calculations and visualization of results including full sample tracking. Inventory and Request management is an integral part of the solution and our workflows provide both the flexibility needed for early development and the comprehensive documentation needed for later development. The analytical development workflows include:

  • UV-VIS: facilitates the calculation of protein concentrations using key metadata such as extinction coefficients and dilution factors alongside sample absorbance values
  • Plate-Based Assay: provides a platform for scientists to record key steps, dilutions and absorbance data as part of plate-based ELISA assays to ascertain the performance of the method and quantify the presence of proteins and impurities in their samples
  • HPLC: allows users to create HPLC methods and capture results such as purity, monomer, product concentration values per testable object
  • Gel-Based Assay: supports the identification of proteins and impurities in a given sample based on molecular weight, relative % and band type.

Teams benefit from facilitated collaboration with partners

Making decisions depends on the delivery of timely results and this timeline is significantly impacted when teams are sharing information and data through manual platforms such as email. With an integrated system, researchers can request tasks to be done by their colleagues across multiple departments and information recorded in a consistent manner can be fed back to teams quickly. Also, this approach removes the risk of attaching the wrong file or sending potentially sensitive data to the wrong person via email by accident.

Moreover, the data might need to be accessed securely by partner CDMOs – accessibility in a timely fashion boosts its worth and pushes it to go further.

Overall, introducing the IDBS Bioprocess Solution can help both analytical and QC labs to record, use and share their data more effectively, reduce experimental re-testing and promotes the reuse of high value data when developing and qualifying methods through efficient and transparent data management.

If you would like to find out more about how The IDBS Bioprocess Solution can enable effective data management in analytical processing and advance scientific progress, please contact our dedicated team of experts here, or click ‘Contact Us’ below.


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