Train the Trainer

Roll out your own training

train the trainer

If you would like to roll out your own training, using your own internal subject matter and product experts, IDBS can help you with material and support.

By providing you with all the material that you need to deliver your own training, you can focus on delivering knowledge to employees so that it meets your own objectives and deadlines.

We can provide:

  • Extensive trainer guide: Including full trainer notes and slides with demonstration scripts
  • Training workshops: Exercises completed by delegates
  • Training reference guide
  • Training data files: The templates and all data files required to run the course
  • Train the trainer: Sessions dedicated to the trainers

Why use Self-training Support?

  • Gives your internal experts the resources to run sessions immediately, with minimal time lost to development of training materials
  • Delivers standard courses across your whole organization
  • Matches the needs of high volume training requirements
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Train the Trainer

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