Customized Training

Solutions that match your exact learning requirements

Customized Training offers training solutions that are specific to a customer’s learning requirements.

The IDBS Education Services team works with the customer to design and deliver a unique product education program tailored to the individual training needs.

Complex or simple, small or big, whatever your training requirements for your instance of the IDBS E-WorkBook , we will develop a customized program to suit your needs. This could be something as straightforward as including exercises based on your own data into the standard classroom sessions to a course based entirely on your examples and data.

Why use Customized Training?

  • Ensures your training requirements fit your research timetable
  • Includes training options such as pre-rollout planning and evaluation, training database preparation and implementation, and post-course evaluation for future training requirements
  • Offers targeted course materials including reference guides, customer-specific workshops, presentation slides and e-learning modules
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Customized Training

Solutions that match your exact learning requirements

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