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The E-WorkBook Cloud CONNECT Module

Presented on 07 Sep 2017

An overview of our cloud-based solution designed specifically to meet the needs of R&D collaboration…

The modern R&D laboratory is lean and agile, accessing the latest technology and commodity services through a trusted network of outsourcing and collaborative partnerships. For B2B collaboration to be scalable and cost effective, companies need more than email and simple file exchange to manage outsourced projects.

This webinar will provide an overview of E-WorkBook Connect, IDBS’s cloud-based solution designed specifically to meet the needs of R&D collaboration.

In this webinar, you will learn how the E-WorkBook for Connect platform:

  1. Enables better quality partner data by reusing existing E-WorkBook collateral within Connect
  2. Helps users capture IP, and experimental context, to ensure reproducibility of external research
  3. Facilitate externalized chemistry to enable simple capture of reaction workup and context

You should watch this webinar if you:

  • Significantly depend on external research partners for scientific work
  • Require a high level of data integrity and experimental context to make business decisions
  • Cannot easily allow partners access to your ELN (on premise or security concerns) and want the benefits of SaaS/Cloud software.

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