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The E-WorkBook Cloud ADVANCE Module

Presented on 08 Jun 2017

An overview of the next step beyond paper replacement…

Take the next step beyond paper replacement, and transform the E-WorkBook ELN into a workflow and data processing workhorse.

This webinar will highlight key capabilities for delivering powerful data processing tools to capture, manage and report structured data across diverse laboratory workflows.

In this webinar, you will learn how E-WorkBook Advance:

  1. Helps scientists manage their structured data capture and modernize operational practices
  2. Improves throughput, analytics, traceability and sharing of critical scientific data
  3. Can help you gain valuable insight through our powerful spreadsheet technology

You should attend this webinar if you:

  • Are spending too much time managing critical scientific data in disparate excel files
  • Are entering the same data into multiple LIMS and ELNs
  • Would like to integrate data flow and process execution quickly and effectively
  • Need to provide strict user governance and auditing trails that enable CFR21 Part 11 compliance in regulated environments

Watch the webinar

Watch the Webinar

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