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Migration to the Cloud Made Easy

Presented on 15 Nov 2017

How to modernize your existing systems and plan your path to the cloud…

“Why SaaS?” has been asked by more than a few of our on-premise clients and those expressing an interest in our solutions. And while SaaS has clear benefits, we also appreciate the journey to the cloud creates a new set of challenges for our clients.

At IDBS, we strive to deliver cutting edge informatics solutions to ensure we continuously deliver value and enable your business to innovate faster. Over the past few years, we’ve listened carefully to our clients and direction they are heading. To meet these needs, and those of the wider market, we’ve been transforming from a traditional, on-premise software provider to a leading, modern SaaS solution.

This webinar provides a deeper explanation to that “Why SaaS?” question and create deeper understanding to our cloud strategy and approach.

In this webinar, we discuss:

Why SaaS is important and what it is

Benefits clients receive moving to a cloud-hosting strategy for E-WorkBook Cloud

A comprehensive explanation to your data and its security

Common cloud journey challenges and tips to overcome them

Steps to take with IDBS that make the journey to the cloud easy

Join us for this forward-looking webinar and learn how you can modernize your existing system, receive greater benefits from technology, and accelerate your organization’s efforts to advance science!

Stuart Ward, PhD – Head of Business Analysis
Wesley Childs – Director, Site Reliability Engineering and Architecture


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