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Video: Energy


Video: Energy

IDBS enables energy companies to stay agile from the laboratory through to pilot plants and commercialization.

Watch our video to find out how!


IDBS helps research & technology organizations specializing in petrochemicals, biofuels and renewable energy manage their data more efficiently to improve their workflows.

E-WorkBook allows data to be integrated seamlessly within research both internally, across departments, and externally, for the collaborative exchange of data with partners and other organizations.

Our platform can be used to capture, record and retain important research information that can be instantly searched, consolidated for reports or archived.

By using E-WorkBook as your primary source of information, the risks of lost data, duplicated work, transcription errors and lack of visibility are significantly reduced. As projects end or key individuals leave, their knowledge and data records are retained.

E-WorkBook stores and links data within the platform, helping to connect disparate information sources. Templates with automated calculations and data processing ensure the integrity of your data at the point of entry.

Your data is captured in a secure, compliant manner, making it easily accessible for reports and auditing. Whether it’s refining research, managing specialty products, or providing upstream or downstream support, E-WorkBook enables you to improve your competitive advantage and innovate with IDBS.