Something big is coming to Biopharmaceutical Development: Reserve your space at the launch event here…

IDBS COVID-19 Business Continuity Update, read it here.


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Something big is about to take biopharma development into the digital age

IDBS are announcing the world’s first Biopharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) system – a cloud-based platform that smooths the bumps of...
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Digital Transformation: Agility for a Changing Business Environment

Webinar: Tools for preparing for Digital Transformation

Modern data management enables you to perform at a better, faster and stronger innovation rate

Supercharge your bioanalytical workflows with a next-generation data management platform

Streamlining Bioanalytical Assays with Seamless Transfer of SCIEX Analyst™ Data to IDBS E-WorkBook

Enabling you to get more from your data! E-WorkBook 10.5 Platform Update

How a digital platform can unlock the potential of your lab

How digital transformation can support next generation process development and biomanufacturing

Workflow-as-a-Service: Delivering Operational Consistency, Quality & Reproducibility to Preclinical Pharma

R&D Data, Cloud, and the Pursuit of Happiness; How SaaS Empowers IT

Top tips for getting the most out of E-WorkBook’s UX functionality.

From Data to Actionable Insight: How to gain a 20% efficiency improvement in the lab every week

How CROs can gain a competitive advantage in the bioanalysis market

Biologics R&D Data Management: Why Labs Aren’t Reaching Their Full Potential & Best Practices to Course Correct

2018 Annual Review: Internal and External Collaboration in R&D

Pharmacology Bottlenecks Identified

Bayer – Achieving Operational Excellence in the Lab

Formulations Development

IDBS and ChemAxon: A Collaborative Partnership

The E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioprocess Solution

The E-WorkBook Cloud CONNECT Module

The E-WorkBook Cloud REQUEST Module

Migration to the Cloud Made Easy

The E-WorkBook Cloud ADVANCE Module

The E-WorkBook Cloud INVENTORY Module

The Modern Bioanalytical Testing Lab

The E-WorkBook Cloud CHEMISTRY Module

The Integrated Pharmaceutical Development Platform

The E-WorkBook Cloud ELN Module