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Info Sheet: Replicating science: $28 billion is wasted every year in the US alone

If a study in science can’t be replicated, is it still viable?

Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook SCIEX Analyst™ Integration

The E-WorkBook platform is designed for enterprise deployment.

Info Sheet: Digital transformation: Are you agile enough to meet the R&D challenges?

Rigid workflows and slow decision-making lead to delay in your R&D execution from product to launch.

Info Sheet: Cloud technology can help chemical companies achieve their sustainability and compliance goals

The chemicals industry’s primary goal is to innovate and produce valuable commodities with a rapid time to market. But that’s...
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Info Sheet: Digital transformation drives innovation in the chemicals industry

Innovation in the chemicals sector requires data, but also a platform to manage that data effectively; and current methods are...
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Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Label Printing

The Label Printing integration component is integrated with E-WorkBook Advance using Bartender™ technology and E-WorkBook Inventory using Zebra™ technology, allowing...
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The E-WorkBook Cloud – Operational Analytics

Info Sheet: An AWS Well-Architected Technology Solution

The AWS Well-Architected framework has been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their...
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Info Sheet: E-WorkBook Cloud ELN

When selecting the right Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for your organization, it’s important to think not just about where you...
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Info Sheet: Benefits Of Good Sample Management

Good inventory management is an integral part  of the modern scientific workspace and managing  it with an integrated inventory system...
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Info Sheet: IDBS E-WorkBook Request

E-WorkBook Request is available on the IDBS Cloud and as such does not need installing by a customer.

Info Sheet: Manage Your Lab Inventory With Our Integrated, Web-Enabled Tool

E-WorkBook Inventory allows you to seamlessly manage all your lab inventory, such as materials, equipment, samples and even the locations...
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Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Instrument Reader

The Instrument Reader functionality allows E-WorkBook to integrate to common lab equipment in the form of digital balances, pH meters,...
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Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Cloud Label Printing

The Label Printing integration component is integrated with E-WorkBook Advance using Bartender™ technology and E-WorkBook Inventory using Zebra™ technology, allowing...
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Info Sheet: Integration to NuGenesis© SDMS

The integration of NuGenesis™ in E-WorkBook allows researchers to easily reference key metadata within an experiment.

Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Chromatography Data Systems Integrations

E-WorkBook supports the integration to the Waters Empower™ and Thermo Fischer Scientific Chromeleon™ chromatography data management software.

Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Database Polling Application

The Database Polling Application is a tool to synchronize the E-WorkBook hierarchy with an external database e.g. Thermo Fisher Watson...
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Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Catalog Populator

The IDBS Catalog Populator tool is designed to periodically populate the E-WorkBook catalog based on data returned from SQL queries...
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Info Sheet: The E-WorkBook Cloud

Our Info Sheet explains everything you need to know about the security, business continuity and customer responsibilities of our cloud...
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Info Sheet: The IDBS Bioanalysis Solution

The IDBS Bioanalysis Solution enables you to create and manage electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analysis, including...
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Info Sheet: The IDBS Bioprocess Solution

Learn how The IDBS Bioprocess Solution, with its library of interoperable workflows with associated ontology and biological and laboratory inventory...
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Is your legacy ELN holding you back?

Are you tired of your outdated technology? Do you want an ELN that’s intuitive to use? Would moving to the...
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Flyer: Data management can be easy!

The E-WorkBook Cloud provides Biotechs with a powerful and flexible R&D data management platform in the security of the cloud....
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Flyer: Powering Innovation in Industrial Sciences

Industrial Sciences: improved efficiency & data quality equates to time to market Time to market is key for industrial sciences....
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The E-WorkBook Cloud Platform

  The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is a complete end-to-end, cloud-based, research and development platform that supports all your internal, external...
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Flyer: How to award your scientists with time to innovate

Innovation: not a luxury, a necessity. Now, more than ever, R&D organizations require an informatics system that delivers time and...
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Flyer: Capturing quality data for better results

Not all data is created equal. Our flyer explains how you can eliminate transcription errors and miscommunication in your R&D...
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Flyer: Benefits of a collaborative business

Collaboration is King. Outsourcing trends point to a paradigm shift in the R&D landscape. Our flyer explains how expanding networks...
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Flyer: Avoid losing your data in an email black hole

Free your data from the ‘black hole’ of email. Properly managed data, requires a properly implemented informatics system. Our flyer...
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Flyer: I already have a LIMS for my Bioanalytical Lab. So, why do I need IDBS?

The quality of your bioanalytical process will determine the quality of your study. With the right solution, the entire process...
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