IDBS Customer Event i3 is coming to London this year.


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Info Sheet: An AWS Well-Architected Technology Solution

The AWS Well-Architected framework has been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their...
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Info Sheet: E-WorkBook Cloud ELN

When selecting the right Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for your organization, it’s important to think not just about where you...
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IDBS achieves SOC 2 compliance

IDBS becomes the first Electronic Lab Notebook provider to achieve SOC 2 compliance IDBS has achieved compliance with SOC 2,...
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eBook: Your Guide To Effective Inventory Management

The inventory store of samples can be one of the most valuable and expensive assets in any research and development...
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Data Integrity in the Modern Lab

Eighty-five. That’s the number of warning letters the FDA issued in 2018 alone. And of those letters, 49% were surrounding...
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Infographic: The Benefits of Having a Sustainable Lab

Labs are facing increasing pressure to be more efficient, more cost-effective and get drugs to market faster. This infographic looks...
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eBook: Beyond the ELN vs LIMS Myth

So, do you really need both an ELN and a LIMS for your lab? Or neither? Or something else entirely?...
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eBook: How software can drive your lab to a sustainable future

There’s an ever-growing trend to ‘do our bit’ to save our planet, which has extended to scientific laboratories. In the...
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Top tips for getting the most out of E-WorkBook’s UX functionality.

Tips to boost the searchability of your R&D experiments

In the past, searching for experiment data has been a challenge in the R&D space. Science laboratories can have hundreds...
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Migration to the Cloud Made Easy