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Streamlining Bioanalytical Assays with Seamless Transfer of SCIEX Analyst™ Data to IDBS E-WorkBook

SCIEX Analyst

Enabling you to get more from your data! E-WorkBook 10.5 Platform Update

The E-WorkBook Cloud – Operational Analytics

3B Pharmaceuticals

Is the cloud a safe place for your data?

Goldfinch Bio

Goldfinch Bio is a cutting edge, fast growing biotechnology company that is singularly focused on discovering and developing precision therapies...
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Introduction to Digital Transformation

How digital transformation can support next generation process development and biomanufacturing

Addressing the challenges of advanced therapy R&D

In recent years, gene therapies, gene-modified cell therapies and cell therapies, collectively known as ‘Advanced Therapies’, have rapidly become an...
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Info Sheet: Benefits Of Good Sample Management

Good inventory management is an integral part  of the modern scientific workspace and managing  it with an integrated inventory system...
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IDBS achieves SOC 2 compliance

IDBS becomes the first Electronic Lab Notebook provider to achieve SOC 2 compliance IDBS has achieved compliance with SOC 2,...
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eBook: Your Guide To Effective Inventory Management

The inventory store of samples can be one of the most valuable and expensive assets in any research and development...
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Data Integrity in the Modern Lab

Eighty-five. That’s the number of warning letters the FDA issued in 2018 alone. And of those letters, 49% were surrounding...
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eBook: Revolutionize Your Lab With a Cutting-Edge Bioprocess Platform To Drive Quality and Efficiency

With the right solution organizations can simplify their lab-based working, while ensuring the highest level of compliance with regulatory requirements,...
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Challenges in Formulating Biologics

Historically, small molecule pharmaceutical products dominated the medical drugs market, from treatments for diabetes to broad-spectrum antibiotics, they worked, and...
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Cell Line Development

Downstream Processing

Upstream Processing

Analytical Development

Info Sheet: Manage Your Lab Inventory With Our Integrated, Web-Enabled Tool

E-WorkBook Inventory allows you to seamlessly manage all your lab inventory, such as materials, equipment, samples and even the locations...
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The Approval Minefield Laid Out – Why Biotherapeutic Drugs Stumble

Getting a product to market has always been a challenge. Discovering something new is just the beginning. After that, there’s...
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eBook: Harnessing the Power of Biopharma Research and Development Data

Transform your organization to compete in a digital economy.

Biotherapeutics: hotly anticipated blockbuster drugs in the pipeline

The biologics market – medicines made from biological living systems through biotechnology – is trending. There’s no doubt about that....
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Implementing an effective data management strategy for your biopharma lab

Organizations in the biologics landscape face several challenges in the race to get their product to market, including handling their...
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Biotechnology: Is it worth the hype?

When one thinks of the pharma and biopharma markets, one thing stands out – growth. In recent years, driven by...
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Top tips for getting the most out of E-WorkBook’s UX functionality.

Our experts, Laura Swift and J.T. Kaminski, will cover topics including searching, using bookmarks and favorites, getting the most out...
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Top tips for getting the most out of E-WorkBook’s UX functionality.

Effortlessly execute bioprocess workflows and provide data-driven insight

The biologics landscape is modern and ever-changing – and it needs innovative solutions to keep up with growing demand. What’s...
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Video: E-WorkBook Biology

E-WorkBook Biology’s interfaces allow biologists to render peptide or nucleotide sequences from common file formats, create complex biological molecules in...
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Video: The IDBS Bioprocess Solution

With The IDBS Bioprocess Solution you can invest more time and resources in developing processes that support the delivery of...
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Opportunities to Optimize Data Management in the Biologics Development Lifecycle

Unjulie Bhanot presented at BPI European Summit on the 4th of April in Vienna, download the slides now. When we...
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BioProcess International Europe 2019: Thoughts from our IDBS team on the ground

A record number of visitors attended this year event, that ran from 2nd-5th April in Vienna. Those who attended were...
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From Data to Actionable Insight: How to gain a 20% efficiency improvement in the lab every week

Unjulie Bhanot and April Pisek, Solutions Consultants at IDBS, discuss two rapidly growing markets: biologics development and bioanalysis, and bring...
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From Data to Actionable Insight: How to gain a 20% efficiency improvement in the lab every week

Biologics R&D Data Management: Why Labs Aren’t Reaching Their Full Potential & Best Practices to Course Correct

Bayer – Achieving Operational Excellence in the Lab

The E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioprocess Solution