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Video: Industry expert, Debbie Barklamb on New Software Adoption

Debbie Barklamb, Account Manager with IDBS, discusses how adopting news software can help R&D across a range of scientific domains.

Tipsheet: Ten Top Tips For Investing in an Electronic Lab Notebook

  In this tipsheet, we take you through the top ten things you need to consider when investing in an...
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Infographic: The Cost of Data Errors

  Scientific experimentation and research and development ventures can often be time-consuming and costly. Because of this, it’s vitally important...
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Video: Request

E-WorkBook Request is our externalization-ready, work requesting and work orchestration tool that sits within The E-WorkBook Cloud. E-WorkBook Request enables...
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Tipsheet: 12 tips for increasing workplace productivity with technology

Workplace productivity has increased by 84% during the past 40 years because of advancements in digital technology. New and innovative...
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Tipsheet: 6 tips for increasing collaboration in your business

As most of us know, collaboration is important for successful business operations. By working together with others, skills will be...
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Video: E-WorkBook

E-WorkBook is a complete end-to-end, cloud-based, research and development platform that supports all your internal, external and hybrid data management...
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Video: About IDBS

At IDBS we create cloud-based solutions designed to meet the challenges of scientific and R&D data management for organizations around...
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Video: E-WorkBook Connect

E-WorkBook Connect is a secure, cloud-based technology that enables companies, who collaborate with external parties, to create secure spaces to...
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Whitepaper: Cross-disciplinary electronic lab notebooks

Designed to provide a working environment that is easy to use across multiple disciplines to meet the full range of...
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