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How a digital platform can unlock the potential of your lab

Presented on 09 Jul 2020

In today’s biotherapeutic landscape, technology such as high-throughput systems and process analytical technology ensure constant streams of data. But there’s a problem: current data management tools can’t keep up. Each instrument generates data in a different format, which then needs to be managed. Recording data this way is an error-prone and inconsistent process that takes time and creates a complex network of data files in different locations that renders some data siloed and unusable. Even for those companies that have moved from paper notebooks and spreadsheets to electronic platforms to manage their data, are they getting the maximum value from that data?

Bringing a single drug to market typically takes between 8 to 10 years, costing an average of $2.6 billion. And that’s before tax. Any stage of the process can hike up costs, including investment in the facility, raw materials, specialized equipment and instruments used in the production process, stricter regulations, and setbacks. In fact, data shows re-work on a single experiment can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000, and data has a large part to play in preventing these situations. In addition to delaying market access, poor data management can reduce productivity, cause compliance issues, and damage an organization’s reputation in the market.

In this webinar, Unjulie Bhanot, Solution Owner at IDBS, explains how the pharma industry can overcome these roadblocks using technology to streamline data management, shorten the drug-to-market timeline, and maximize the potential of the lab.


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