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Flyer: I already have a LIMS for my Bioanalytical Lab. So, why do I need IDBS?

The quality of your Bioanalytical process will determine the quality of your study and with the right solution, the entire process can flow with seamless, and comparatively worry-free, assurance.

As the primary impact on your study timeline occurs during the audit and review phase, isn’t it best to pick a solution that makes this simple, transparent and quick?

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis makes it easy to keep track of equipment (daily checks, calibrations, and maintenance), consumables (reagents, stocks, stocks sample preparations etc.) and the execution of the method. Not all platforms are created equal. Your existing LIMS leaves a lot of gaps that need paper-based processes. Let’s take a look.

Does your LIMS:

  • Prevent the use of material not on a ‘critical reagents’ list or from using an unverified balance?
  • Identify the deviations encountered during sample preparation?
  • Eliminate paper across the entire laboratory?
  • Provide you with a modern, intuitive and web-enabled interface?

It’s unlikely you could answer yes to all of these questions with your existing LIMS – but with the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud, you can, because it combines the best of a LIMS, LES and ELN into one platform.

We can help you manage your operations, and reduce your backlogs, without having to deploy yet another standalone system.

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis Solution

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis is a complete suite of interconnected workflows that supports small and large molecule bioanalysis.

With our bioanalysis solution, you can create and manage electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analysis, including sample preparation, instrument set-up and post-run QC. The E-WorkBook Cloud can consolidate run data from LIMS and facilitate the compilation of study reports.

While E-WorkBook can be hosted on your servers, we can also host the solution in a controlled, secure, fully validated GxP Cloud, reducing your start-up costs, and giving you time to get back to what you do best: science.

Benefits of The E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis:

  • Enforce 100% compliance with your bioanalytical method
  • Quickly identify exceptions to the specified process
  • Eliminate deviations
  • Electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analyss
    • Shorten study duration by up to 60% by:
    • Streamlining study review and QA audit
    • Eliminating paper study binders and equipment logbooks
  • Facilitating sample preparation by easing documentation burden
  • Prepare and qualify material – analyte stock solutions, Cals/QCs, Matrix pools
  • Print barcodes, track storage locations and generate usage logs


Want to know more about Bioanalysis solutions work in the lab? Watch this webinar. Or you can get in touch with one of our experts.

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