WebinarsTableau: Enhancing customer experience with analytics

Webinar | Tableau - Enhancing Customer Experience with Analytics: How IDBS Is Using External Analytics to Foster Engagement

Discover how IDBS, a leading R&D technology and solutions provider, has partnered with Tableau to integrate self-service analytics into the IDBS suite of products to empower customers with an integrated, interactive and visual analytics experience. By embedding Tableau, the IDBS Analytics platform has become a game changer in the digital transformation for its industry – ensuring everyone has access to data intelligence by streamlining the user experience. It provides their customers with a simple view, which encourages full data visualization and analytics-driven decision-making.

In this session you’ll hear:

  • The challenges IDBS were facing in the market and the opportunity they saw.
  • Why they chose to partner with Tableau’s Embedded Analytics Solution versus building one in house.
  • How analytics will bring value to their customers and the innovation IDBS see for the future.

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