The lab of the future can only be recognized through integrated data flow and process execution.

E-WorkBook Advance provides critical technology that can be used to execute, analyze, report and decide on information that needs to be processed and how results and decisions are to be used. This allows for true automation and for the seamless transfer of information between individuals, systems and hardware.

Integration with other systems and technologies allows for decisions made in E-WorkBook Advance to be used to drive different processes across the lab whether it be to combine data from multiple instruments and LIMS or to add data into a CRM or ERP.



Technical Description

With our E-WorkBook Advance spreadsheet technology, you can manage and scale deployments to support your organization and your ambitions from a single, scalable cloud product.

And, as well as enabling you to design your own solutions, we’ve also created complete packages in analytical sciences, biological sciences, chemical sciences, pharmacology and preclinical sciences, and translational sciences to get you up and running, and start creating value, faster.

Our web-enabled spreadsheet is the choice of nearly all the top pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world – and you can see why. It’s easy to use, fully searchable, protects your IP, is totally reportable, effortless to update and has a proven track record of reducing study completion and reporting times by over 30% across research, development, and manufacturing.

The hub of your R&D data, E-WorkBook Advance seamlessly integrates with other critical systems as well sophisticated modern bench top instruments. E-WorkBook Advance easily combines integrated data with entered context to keep all your research in one secure environment.

E-WorkBook Advance can also be integrated to key business systems such as MDM, ERP and CRM to drive process automation.

Key Features

  • Operational data mart and search engine backed by scalable Oracle database
  • Integrated dictionary for system-wide taxonomy and master data management
  • Comprehensive library of web services and extension points (APIs) for system integration or feature extension allows for integration with industry standard informatics systems
  • Data mart for cross experimental reporting
  • Flexibility to adapt to process changes without the need to re-build your system
  • Cell level auditing and traceability creates an easy to implement and highly transparent CFR21 Part 11 compliant system
  • Easy to use data entry and file importing makes processes and analysis seamless
  • Native statistical analysis, curve fitting and data visualization removes the need for additional analysis platforms and aids automation
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