The lab of the future can only be recognized through integrated data flow and process execution.

E-WorkBook Advance provides critical technology, providing workflow capabilities alongside advanced spreadsheet design, calculation and charting capabilities. Designers can create a flexible data model to map key properties, enabling the execution, analysis and cross-experimental reporting on data.

Integration with other systems and technologies allows for decisions made in E-WorkBook Advance to be used to drive different processes across the lab whether it be to combine data from multiple instruments and LIMS or to add data into a CRM or ERP. This enables true automation and for the seamless transfer of information between individuals, systems and hardware.



Technical Description

With our E-WorkBook Advance spreadsheet technology, you can manage and scale deployments to support your organization and your ambitions from a single, scalable cloud product.

Our web-enabled spreadsheet is the choice of nearly all the top pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world – and you can see why. It’s easy to use, fully searchable, protects your IP, is totally reportable, effortless to update and has a proven track record of reducing study completion and reporting times by over 30% across research, development, and manufacturing.

The hub of your R&D data, E-WorkBook Advance seamlessly integrates with other critical systems as well sophisticated modern bench top instruments. E-WorkBook Advance easily combines integrated data with entered context to keep all your research in one secure environment.

Key Features

  • Operational data mart and search engine backed by scalable Oracle database
  • Integrated dictionary for system-wide taxonomy and master data management
  • Comprehensive library of web services and extension points (APIs) for system integration or feature extension allows for integration with industry standard informatics systems
  • Data mart for cross experimental reporting
  • Flexibility to adapt to process changes without the need to re-build your system
  • Cell level auditing and traceability creates an easy to implement and highly transparent CFR21 Part 11 compliant system
  • Easy to use data entry and file importing makes processes and analysis seamless
  • Native statistical analysis, curve fitting and data visualization removes the need for additional analysis platforms and aids automation

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