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The global High-Throughput Process Development (HTPD) market is projected to reach USD 415.5 million in 2021 with a CAGR of 14.4%, powered by the emergence of new inventions like microbioreactors and automation.
But what about the software?

If your bioprocess software can't handle normal speed how will it handle High-Throughput?

Managing bioprocess data is a complex challenge even if you run just a few experiments per month. With HTPD this can quickly scale up to hundreds of automated, parallelized experiments. Used effectively as part of a BioPharma Lifecycle Management strategy, the data generated from HTPD can accelerate development by supporting better decision making and reducing timelines. If your company is already struggling to coordinate data from different laboratory software and instrument systems, however, then you may see your high hopes in high-throughput fade away.

So, if you are increasing your investment in high-throughput technology in the hope of delivering better biologics faster, don’t forget to upgrade your software platform.
We didn’t.

Introducing IDBS Polar HTPD. High-throughput data management is finally coming to high-throughput process development.

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