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Improve the management of your Design of Experiment studies

Connect your experiments directly with your data analysis tools today to unlock the power of your data for smarter and faster decisions. IDBS Polar can help by offering a single platform for all activities relating to DoE studies – design, execution and analysis.

What is Design of Experiments (DoE)

Design of Experiments (DoE) is a technique to assess the individual and collective effects that varying experimental parameters have on experimental results. This technique enables scientists to reduce the number of experiments they need to perform, by recommending the best operating conditions and combination of parameters for their process.

Quality by Design (QbD) versus Design of Experiments (DoE)

Quality by Design is an approach to drug development that embeds quality into the process and product from the very beginning – identifying the critical quality attributes (CQAs) of the product, the parameters and their combination that influence them to ultimately lead to a manufacturing process that can produce a high quality product with the desired qualities every time.

DoE is a statistical tool, within the QbD framework, that helps explore and optimize experimental designs, systematically vary process parameters and analyze their impact on CQAs and process performance to identify critical process parameters (CPPs).

Executing DoE in pharmaceutical development

Implementing QbD principles is a critical ask and pharma organizations often look for the best software for DoE, sometimes managing DoE in Excel. However, performing experimental design and statistical analysis in non-industry relevant tools can be challenging, laborious and error-prone – with scientists having to manually reconcile execution experiments with result and statistical data. Additionally, utilizing DoE Excel templates becomes complicated and confusing when you think about how many factors/parameters you want to investigate.

Why consider IDBS Polar as your Design of Experiments software of choice?

IDBS Polar offers a single platform for all activities relating to DoE studies – design, execution and analysis. Here are some of our platform capabilities:

  • Create the experiment design, defining the process and target parameters to be tested.
  • Select a DoE model of choice (e.g., Fractional Factorial, Full Fractorial, Plackett Burman etc.).
  • Generate number of experiments to be performed.
  • Instruct IDBS Polar to execute them.
  • Execute linked and easily traceable experiments in the same software.
  • Use robust, scalable and compliant workflows for process development and sampling activities.
  • Perform DoE statistical analysis on process parameters versus target parameters (e.g., Box-and-Whisker plots, Q-Q plot).
  • Perform Parameter Estimates and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to assess significance of different factors and their interactions against the response of target parameters.

To explore how IDBS Polar can support your Design of Experiment needs, watch our demo below and reach out to us today.