Harness the full potential
of data at High-Throughput

Because high-throughput process development requires high-throughput data management.

high throughput process development

Stop transcribing. You’re losing time

high throughput process development

Improved traceability for faster approval

high throughput process development

Faster to commercial readiness

What is Polar HTPD?

Polar HTPD helps bioprocess development teams adopt faster throughput approaches and significantly shorten timelines by supporting better decision making with more reliable data sets, rich data analysis and modern enterprise data management.

Find out how to harness the full potential of biologics data at High-Throughput using the following resources.

How it works

High-throughput technologies have shifted the bottleneck from capacity to run experiments to the ability to handle the large volumes of data generated. Polar HTPD provides high-throughput data management for biopharmaceutical development.

high throughput process development

Real-time data capture

  • Automated data polling for online data
  • Remove the manual transcription of data. No manual operations or data handling
  • Simple DropBox like narrative for atline/offline analytical equipment
extensible reporting

Advanced analytics and reporting

  • Algorithmic ranking and visual tools to aid with decision making in clone selection
  • Embedded enterprise analytics to explore experimental parameters in a deep dive
  • Pre-configured report generation to enterprise office software
high throughput process development

Integrated open platform

  • Pre-configured integration ensures unfragmented data with better integrity and context
  • Capture data from Ambr™ microbioreactors
  • Scalable F.A.I.R data access

Integration with Polar data backbone

  • Easy to use, secure environment to explore ad-hoc queries and gain insight
  • Provides a platform to build in-silico modeling with HTPD data
  • Polar HTPD is scalable and compatible with Polar BioPharma Lifecycle Management
IDBS Polar BioAnalysis

ICH M10-compliant consistency, quality, and reproducibility for preclinical pharma.

Polar BioProcess

Optimize workflows and integrate process and analytical data to deliver greater insight.


High-Throughput Data Management for Cell Line Development and cell culture development.

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