Polar BioProcess


Reports have many uses throughout bioprocess development, from summarizing the results of small experimental studies such as filter comparisons through to full campaign reports. This is where all the hard work that's gone into designing studies and conducting experiments turns into valuable insight, even if (or sometimes especially if) the results weren’t what was expected. Because reports need to pull data from different experiments and data sources, this is typically a time-consuming activity involving lots of transcription between files to compile data for charting and analysis. At best, this is inefficient – at worst, it can delay the time to insight as scientists may put off creating reports until they can dedicate enough time to complete them.

About Polar BioProcess

IDBS Polar BioProcess empowers scientists with interactive reporting tools and pre-configured reports to monitor progress and enhance process insight. Through the Polar BioProcess workflows, process, analytical, and inventory data has already been captured in context and is available in the right format for analysis and reporting. Instead of wasting time transcribing and compiling data, scientists can now focus on understanding what happened and why and using the insights gained to help design future studies and experiments.

Data-driven process insights to accelerate development

IDBS Polar BioProcess provides interactive reporting tools and pre-configured reports for data-driven insights. To learn more about Polar BioProcess download our datasheet below! 

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