Polar BioProcess


Reagents such as media and buffer solutions are critical for all stages of biopharmaceutical development. Media and feed optimization sustains living cells and maximizes upstream productivity while buffer solutions play key a role in purifying and stabilizing biological products. When it comes to managing recipes and maintaining traceability of component lot numbers, however, many companies are still relying on Excel files and paper records. Even in 2021 it’s still common to see hand-written reagent labels in laboratories that are otherwise at the cutting edge of research and development. Don’t let simple errors such as accidentally using expired materials or failing to record the right component lot number get in the way of progress.

About Polar BioProcess

IDBS Polar BioProcess ensures recipe and inventory management are an integral part of your development workflows. Out-of-the-box workflows for recipe creation and reagent (media/feed/buffer solution) preparation are designed to prevent common errors and ensure traceability while providing the flexibility needed for developmental work. Direct instrument connections, automated calculations, and automated issue checking ensure quality and consistency. Greater insight into lab inventory including container types, storage locations and conditions helps improve overall lab operations.

Ensure consistency, quality, and traceability

IDBS Polar BioProcess ensures full traceability of reagent preparation steps and material composition throughout your development workflows. To learn more about Polar BioProcess download our datasheet below! 

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