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IDBS Polar provides out-of-the-box integrations combined with out-of-the-box workflows to significantly reduce the time and complexity of implementation. Powered by the Digital Lab Exchange (DLXTM) platform, Polar workflows ensure data integrity and drive strategic insight through a comprehensive, vendor-neutral strategy based on a modern cloud-based architecture with robust security, compliance, and laboratory-specific functionality.

Spotlight on: UNICORN Connector

The DLX connector for use with UNICORN™, a software of Cytiva, provides direct access to chromatographic results from ÄKTA systems within the Polar Chromatography workflow.

Polar BioProcess Chromatography Workflow

How does the connector work?

Following the instruction within the Polar workflow, users sign in with their UNICORN credentials, select the location where the run data has been saved from the file options presented, and return to the workflow.

UNICORN Polar Connector

The results retrieved from UNICORN include:

  • Method name, run date and time
  • Phase names
  • Column volumes
  • Number of fractions per step
  • Run log and chromatogram values from which gradient traces can be generated within the Polar workflow (UV, pH, conductivity, etc.)

The Polar Chromatography workflow supports different chromatographic methods (affinity, IEX, SEC, Reverse Phase, HIC) and enables the flexibility to pool process intermediates before and/or after the run, maintaining full traceability throughout development.

Getting ready for the lab of the future

Access to instrument data is critical to streamline workflows and gain the insight needed to drive decision-making but the wide array of instruments and applications used in laboratory environments and the lack of standard interfaces makes this a daunting task.

So, what can you do today to start getting ready for the lab of the future while still supporting your current operations?

A common misconception is that all instruments need to be integrated at once. The better approach is to start with the instruments and applications that are an integral part of lab workflow execution and/or provide data that is essential to assess product quality or process performance throughout biopharma development. This is a constantly changing landscape and new instruments are being purchased and installed while older instruments are retired. While it’s possible to connect legacy systems to a modern, cloud-based architecture, their usefulness is generally limited and you’re more likely to benefit from newer technology, particularly systems that support an emerging industry standard such as OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA).

To learn more about Polar Integrations, download the whitepaper.

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