Polar BioProcess

Cell Line Development

Cell line development is fundamental for producing biotherapeutics, and advances in expression vector design, cell line engineering, and clone screening have paved the way for high-producing, stable cell lines. Despite the growing use of automated platforms, however, data capture and reporting are still tedious and time-consuming activities for many development scientists. Keeping track of passage numbers and maintaining traceability from transfection through clone selection typically involves manual transcription across multiple Excel files.

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About Polar BioProcess

IDBS Polar BioProcess is designed to continuously maintain process genealogy throughout your workflows. Out-of-the-box workflows ensure consistent data capture with automated calculations and charting to simplify the review process. Polar BioProcess facilitates collaboration across teams with greater transparency and traceability of clone/culture/sample history and results.
While every cell line is unique, effective data sharing between teams and access to prior knowledge can significantly reduce the time needed to develop optimized cell lines.

Full traceability for the development of optimized cell lines

Growing interest in emerging biologics such as bispecific antibodies and viral vectors is driving cell line development teams to optimize existing techniques and investigate new technologies.

IDBS Polar Bioprocess is designed to continuously maintain process genealogy throughout your workflows and integrates process and analytical data to deliver greater insight. Download our datasheet below to learn more about Polar BioProcess for cell line development.

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