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Analytical Development

Analytical technologies support the entire biologics discovery and development process, from identifying promising candidates through in-process testing for process optimization, product characterization, and release testing. Insights into the structure and activity of complex biologics as well as impurities (both process- and product-related) are essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of the final product. The need to accelerate analytical assay turnaround time and increase throughput is driving demand for high-throughput techniques, automation, and robotics.

Despite these advances, the lack of standardized data capture means that many analytical development scientists still end up searching through different files to find the answers to questions such as:

Which process step did this sample come from? 

Has the sample been purified? 

What is the extinction coefficient?

About Polar BioProcess

IDBS Polar BioProcess is designed to continuously maintain product and process genealogy throughout your workflows to deliver greater product and process knowledge. Out-of-the-box workflows ensure consistent data capture so analytical results are made available in a standardized format regardless of the method/instruments used. Consolidating results in a single platform makes it easy to compare both quantitative and qualitative results for a given sample. An anomalous result from one method can be validated or confirmed in another method for the same material, for example if an erroneous band is seen in a gel, was there also a high protein presence in the ELISA result? 

Polar BioProcess facilitates collaboration across teams with greater transparency and traceability of sample history and results. Automated calculations including sample preparation and dilution ensure consistency and automated error-checking and issue tracking simplify the review process. Bi-directional integration with Waters Empower™ and Thermo Fisher Chromeleon™ chromatography data systems (CDS) streamline operations and ensure data integrity.  

While every biological product is unique, effective data sharing between teams and access to prior knowledge can significantly reduce the time needed to develop analytical methods and improve product and process understanding. 

Deeper product and process understanding through traceable data and results

IDBS Polar BioProcess seamlessly integrates both process and analytical data throughout your workflows to deliver greater insight. To learn more about Polar BioProcess download our datasheet on analytical development below! 

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