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Finally – A data backbone that brings meaning to your biopharma data

Still spending 20% or more of your time on time-consuming data management tasks?

Meet IDBS Polar. Polar provides a first-of-its-kind data backbone for the biopharmaceutical industry, making it possible for interdisciplinary teams of biologists, engineers, and other experts to holistically capture data across different points in the drug development process. This innovative BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) approach is designed to help speed up the development lifecycle, reduce operational inefficiencies by up to 40%, and avoid the 10% re-work that is typically attributable to poor data access. 

Why BioPharma Lifecycle Management?

According to research by, in excess of 60% of biopharma organizations are still managing many of their critical steps with paper and Microsoft Office.

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Meet us at BioProcess International Europe

IDBS will be presenting at the conference this year in Vienna. We look forward to being back at Bioprocess in-person events in 2022.

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IDBS Polar BioAnalysis

ICH M10-compliant consistency, quality, and reproducibility for preclinical pharma.

Polar BioProcess

Optimize workflows and integrate process and analytical data to deliver greater insight.

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