High-Throughput Data
Management for
Biopharmaceutical Development

Harvest the true power of HTPD

Improve data traceability for faster approval

Pick better clones from the get go

Speed up your tech transfer and reporting

Harness the full potential of data at High-Throughput

High-Throughput process development is one thing. High-Throughput data management is completely different.

A single experiment can generate over 100,000 measurements

30-40% of time is spent on documentation – or waiting for offline analysis

At least 10% of rework is due to lost data

Core Capabilities

The biopharmaceutical market is growing at a previously unseen pace, and so should
you. High-Throughput technologies have shifted the bottleneck from capacity to
run experiments to the ability to handle the large volumes of data generated.

With a CAGR of 13%, the CLD market is expected to turn over $7.5 billion by 2023. Are you keeping pace?

high throughput process development

Stop transcribing. You’re losing time

Sustainable high-throughput process development doesn’t mean working harder or running faster. It means progression with minimum waste of time, energy and resources. It means letting your data do the job for you. So stop being a data clerk.

high throughput process development

Improved data traceability for faster regulatory approval

With an integrated and automated informatics platform you can ensure full data traceability to optimize critical quality attributes and better understand all process parameters.

high throughput process development

Simplify technology transfer and reporting

Problems scale-up as you scale-up. Failure to select the best clones and critical process parameters amplify in production, and failure at tech transfer cause significant and costly delays.

high throughput process development

Faster to first in human – and to market

Time is lost by use of legacy systems. Problems increase exponentially at high-throughput. Unless you deploy a high-throughput data management strategy to make your data dance.

How it works

IDBS Polar HTPD is a solution exclusively designed for High-Throughput process development.

high throughput process development

Real-time data capture

  • Automated data polling for online data.
  • Remove the manual transcription of data. No manual operations or data handling.
  • Simple DropBox like narrative for atline/offline analytical equipment.
extensible reporting

Advanced analytics and reporting

  • Algorithmic ranking and visual tools to aid with decision making in clone selection
  • Embedded enterprise analytics to explore experimental parameters in a deep dive.
  • Out of the box report generation to enterprise office software

Streamlined workflows for cell line development

  • Support for Clone Ranking for Cell Line Development teams, with out of the box ranking algorithms and rich charting
  • Designed for high-throughput data management in HTPD

Integration with IDBS Polar Data backbone

  • Access to IDBS Polar Data Backbone included
  • FAIR data model accessible via the Polar Data Backbone.
  • IDBS Polar HTPD is scalable and compatible with IDBS Polar BioPharma Lifecycle Management
high throughput process development

Integrated open platform

  • Pre-configured partner integration with all relevant vendors and systems ensures unfragmented data with better integrity and context
  • Capture data from AMBR bioreactors
  • Scalable FAIR data access through IDBS Polar Data Backbone

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