IDBS Blog | 28th August 2019

What i3 Means to Us - Part 3

We sat down with Christian Marcazzo, General Manager at IDBS, to find out what the benefits of attending i3 are, and how it fits into his vision for IDBS.

What are some of the benefits to customers attending the i3 event?

i3 is a forum for our customers to come together and share best practice, share their experience and learn from each other as much as they’re learning from us. And it’s really a part of how we’re creating a community for our customers, not just to feel like it’s the customer at IDBS but that there’s this community of shared practice, best practice, knowledge and expertise, which we hope to grow over time.


What’s your favorite part of the i3 event?

For me, the panel discussion is the best part – hearing our customers sharing their ideas in that forum, comparing notes, talking about value and return on investment, and the kind of impact the implementation of E-WorkBook has had on their organization. It is a great opportunity for me to learn from them.


How does the i3 event align with your vision for IDBS?

A big part of my vision is to build a focus on customer success and to build a community of practice within our customer base and within our market.

As we go forward, we’re putting an emphasis on these things, with the big regional i3 events, as well as more focused, local events, communities of practice, as well as digital forums. These are all going to be really central for us to build up our customer success capability, shared knowledge and collaboration space between our customers, ourselves and our partners.

Find out more about this year’s i3 agenda hier, or get in touch with our team.

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