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Migration to the cloud made easy

Organizations are working with more data than ever before and they are sharing that data with more stakeholders than ever before. They are working harder than ever to protect and retain their intellectual property. And yet, many organizations are still routinely let down by their legacy on-premise applications, which remain unsuited to the needs of the modern R&D landscape.

Despite spending spent years investing in these applications, companies are reaching a tipping point. There’s only so long they will continue to pour money into inferior, outdated systems. IT teams, often hamstrung by budget restrictions, want to move away from systems that have finite lifespans and instead are looking at technologies than can grow and evolve with current and future business needs. They’re looking to the cloud.

Helping you move away from outdated systems

At IDBS, we strive to deliver cutting edge informatics solutions to ensure we continuously deliver value and enable your business to innovate faster. But, at the same time, we also appreciate that updating your existing informatics landscape can be a challenge.

With the pace that technology is moving, migrating to the cloud can feel like a big step – but you don’t need to worry. We can help!

We appreciate that no cloud migration is the same, so our approach is always tailored to you, the customer – our experts establish an appropriate path forwards based on your business objectives, create a plan unique to your business to support your transition, and guide you through each and every step.

No need to pay for costly infrastructure, back up recovery or in-house architecture scaling. You can even forget about managing global desktop rollouts and database vendor licensing. Instead, we can provide you with a future-proofed, fully-managed, low-risk web deployment that is easy to use and adopt globally.

Register for our free webinar to learn more

If you would like to find out more information about how IDBS can help you modernize your existing systems and plan your path to the cloud, register for our free webinar on 15th November 2017.

Don’t forget, all of our past webinars are available to watch on demand – so you never have to miss a thing. A full list of IDBS webinars is available here.