Data loss can prevent discovery.
Don’t let it prevent your scientific discovery.

Did you know that as much as 20% of most company’s operating costs can be traced back to lost data, redundant data and poor data quality? In fact, that lost data often prevents new discovery.

Data loss is actually one of the main reasons that 9 out of 10 drugs fail to win approval. It is part of the reason that it takes about 10 years and costs $2.6 billion on average, to develop a new pharmaceutical.

– We simply can’t keep track of what we are doing in an efficient way.

R&D laboratories can greatly improve discovery and innovation by installing a good ELN to drive data integrity, and in this way achieve about 80% paperless operations. More development-oriented companies can opt for a more customized solution, that promotes scale-up and productivity at the cost of a little flexibility. But, without an experienced partner to help you digitally transform all of your processes and thinking – from data capture to meaningful analysis for faster insights – you may well still find yourself manually transcribing as you run between different systems and instruments.

– We can help you avoid that.

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IDBS can help you move from paper-based to digitally-enabled – and beyond

We provide a state-of-the art cloud-based R&D software platform to the global leaders of innovation in over 15 markets. For more than 30 years we have digitally guided scientists through discovery, research and development – and we will continue to lead the way in the pursuit of digital excellence in the art of scientific discovery.

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What’s the Cost of Data Errors?

The true cost of data errors
Research and development can be time-consuming and costly. As an example, the successful development of a new pharmaceutical drug takes about 10 years and costs $2.6 billion, on average. According to one study, poor data quality, redundant data and lost data is responsible for 15%-25% of companies operating budget.

How much time can I save by going paperless?

How much time can I save by going paperless?
The average scientist spends about 7 hours documenting each week. With a good ELN this could be reduced to 3 hours. What would that mean to your organizations effectiveness and total cost?

How can I increase workplace productivity with technology?

How can I increase workplace productivity with technology?
Workplace productivity has increased by 84% during the past 40 years because of advancements in digital technology such as electronic laboratory systems. Find out how your business can increase data accessibility, simplify processes and improve collaboration using E-WorkBook Cloud.

5 essential reasons you need an Electronic Lab Notebook

5 essential reasons you need an Electronic Lab Notebook
An ELN means you can finally step away from your stacks of old paper notebooks. You will be able to create reports faster and analyze data with ease to free up time. A Cloud-based solution enables you to access it anywhere, at any time for full visibility and traceability of all data.

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Are you ready for digital transformation? – Let us help you start by stopping data loss from preventing your next scientific discovery.

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